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Filled Masterbatch
Product Description
  • JC-MF P, MF S series of environment-specific filling masterbatch, in order to adapt to the polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) as a carrier and the production of thin, hollow plates, sheets and other new materials research, mainly for manufacturing lunch boxes, the product shape turnover box, cell plate, Plastic plate, PP hollow board and other products.
    JC-MF P, MF S series of environment-specific key performance indicators Filled:
    Fill Material:
     Ultra-fine talcum powder, with a special modification in order to increase product mechanical strength and good processing properties;
    Base material:
     Polyolefin resin;
    All the necessary additives:
     White particles;
     ≤ 1.80 g/cm3;
     A variety of polypropylene, polystyrene sheets, sheet, hollow sheet;
     Net weight 25Kg, white woven bags lined moisture-proof membrane;
    Waste Disposal:
     Environmental protection during processing, can be burned completely into a fine ash, non-flowing organic matter; 

    Filled standard: GWKB 3-2000 garbage burning pollution control standards;
    Filled polyolefin GB 1126-91;
    Q / IGZC 01-2005 Filled Polyolefin environmentally friendly low calorific value (enterprise standard).
    Add Method: JC-MF P, MF S series of environment-friendly polypropylene sheet, hollow sheet, polystyrene sheet dedicated Filled with excellent dispersion of a variety of production equipment all have a good adaptability At the same base material under the conditions of full mixing evenly, can be added in various proportions, and can achieve good performance.
    This information includes: Filled Polypropylene sheet (environmentally friendly) JC-MF P-50;
    Filled polypropylene hollow board (environmentally friendly) JC-MF P-70;
    Filled Polystyrene Sheet (environmentally friendly) JC-MF S-60 and so on.
    With the JC-MF P, MF S series of environmental protection as a filler dedicated Filled with the following advantages:

    Product Transverse tear strength without significantly reduced working hours and tensile strength increases, thereby enhancing the product heat load and anti-infiltration capacity;
    Improve the product itself, the stiffness and impact strength, with the extinction of;
    Significantly reduce production costs;
    As the use of twin-screw extruder and earnest air-cooled technology to produce, this product has a good dispersion and a variety of plastics processing technology adaptability.
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