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Hygroscopicity masterbatch
Product Description
  • JC-MS Series Multi-function anti-foaming masterbatch moisture for recycled plastic (film, sheet) products processing enterprises real problems - need pre-drying. Because of drying process have to buy drying equipment, drying for a long time consuming work and time-consuming, film, sheet products business a major heart disease.
    Kim Soon the Company under this characteristic of metal oxides can be moisture, after repeated experiments, using size 10μm high-quality tin, calcium, magnesium and other metal oxide additives mainly by aluminum acetate, titanium coupling agent, acrylic emulsion modifier dispersant additives by the two-story complex envelope processing, the added metal oxide particles and oxide particles formed on the surface both in order to form a bond and resin combination can have a very strong affinity for The new interface, under the effect of additives in the processing and carrier resin in the high-speed kneading machine, twin-screw extruder, mixing extruder, to disperse compatibilization, blend plastics to form after the granulation.
    JC-MS Series Multi-function moisture foaming masterbatch masterbatch can generally be added to absorb its own weight 30% ± 5 of the water or other volatile and thus removed from recycled plastic or a damp raw material drying process before the post processing to make plastic products (film, sheet) surface pores wrinkled, rough and other undesirable phenomena disappear, with the same ratio after drying recycled plastic film, sheet compared to the mechanical properties of longitudinal and transverse tear strength and tear light levels and sealing properties of varying degrees of enhancement in the production without having to change equipment, process, simply add a little like the masterbatch mixing process can be.
    Moisture absorption, anti-foaming masterbatch key performance indicators Multi-function:

    Base material:
     LDPE / HDPE / LLDPE / EVA / PP / PS
     φ2.5 × (1.5-2.5) mm
    Melting point:
     130-150 ℃
    Melt Index:
     3-7 g/10min
    Initial decomposition temperature:
     ≥ 250 ℃
     ≤ 0.05%;
    Water Absorption:
     ≥ 30 ± 5%
    Toxicity test:
     Application of polyolefin, polystyrene and other types of products;
     2.5Kg × 10 = 25Kg, topical kraft paper bag lined with moisture-proof membrane; 

    Moisture absorption, anti-foaming masterbatch is proposed to add multi-volume: According to the different products, add the amount available from 4-10%.
    Of which: a variety of film products category is 0.5-1.0%; injection kind of product for the 0.5-2.5%;
    Moisture absorption, anti-foaming sheet-type multi-functional masterbatch products for 0.5-2.0%.
    Moisture absorption, anti-foaming masterbatch to add multi-method: the full mix, mix evenly. In accordance with a variety of conventional plastic production process for production.
    Note: The period of effectiveness of the product's features, add methods, testing requirements or the base material specification options, please contact our sales representative in order to achieve the best results.
    Using the standard: Q / ZGZC 11-2005 hygroscopic multi-functional anti-foaming masterbatch masterbatch (enterprise standard);
    This information includes: universal multi-functional anti-foaming masterbatch polyolefin moisture JC-MB L-860;
    Hygroscopicity with the JC-MS Series Multi-function anti-foaming masterbatch has the following advantages:

    MS Series Smoothness masterbatch to stabilize the molding process, the mother material dispersion is good, and evenly distributed. The test proved that plastic tensile strength and fracture strength are superior to ordinary plastic products;
    Widely used in pharmaceuticals, electronics, electrical products, medical equipment supplies, packaging, construction decoration, household appliances products, packaging products production; use of this product manufactured products comply with environmental requirements;
    As the use of twin-screw extruder and earnest air-cooled technology to produce, this product has a good dispersion and a variety of plastics processing technology adaptability.
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